Bradley Hyppa (b. 1979) received his MFA in Conceptual/Information Arts from San Francisco State University in 2007. In 2005 he received a Jack and Gertrude Murphy Fellowship from the San Francisco Foundation and worked as a Research Associate in the Media Technologies Lab at Hewlett-Packard in 2006 developing new systems for automating digital media storage, retrieval, and presentation. Hyppa’s work has appeared at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, compactspace Los Angeles, SCOPE New York, State of the Image Festival, and most recently at e4c @ 4Culture, amongst others. When not in the studio, one can usually find him lounging about Alamo Square watching tourists take the same photo over and over again.

My current work explores the relationships and meanings of the spaces I find myself in. In response, I project video in order to encourage unconsidered perspectives towards the socio-spatial constructs of the spaces we inhabit. More painterly then cinematic, the videos, consisting of melodic patterns composed of rendered distortions, contractions, and expansions between background and foreground, reveal an oscillation within the visual field. They signal not a definitive meaning, but rather point towards a feeling of presence escaping perception, a limiting influence, denying a conscious translation. The resulting works allow for the viewer to consider alternative narratives about space as communicated by the impressions afforded from a distribution of sensation sequenced by the experience of color and form.

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:: arbitrary rendering for an irrational space (#d1cecf) :: 2011 :: four channel lcd screens :: e4c @ 4Culture :: Seattle, WA :: through March 2013 ::

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